Preventative Maintenance Management

Create flexible service plans tailored to your needs

Create any number of service plans tailored to your needs. Choose to create more detailed plans for higher valued assets, while using simpler plans for lower valued assets. Time and service entries are used to determine when future service is needed.

Time Tracking

Time sheets for your assets and employees

Employees can enter time for themselves and assets or a supervisor can enter time for crew members according to permissions you define. Time entered is associated with location and activity codes. Time tracking makes it possible to implement hourly-based prevenative maintenance schedules on assets without functioning hour meters.

Location Management

Coordinate and track asset movement

Location tags allow you to track the movement of your assets. Log entries can be required so that an odometer or hour meter reading must be entered when changing tags, providing the ability to track how much an asset is used at a given location. Tags can initially be set to pending, so that mobilization members know what assets need to move where from a dedicated report.

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